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The British Sales Operation

Since the establishment of the British publishing house in 1957, many market tests have been carried out. The outcome has been that by far the best results have come from directly marketing the goods produced by the Association.

Each year a new range of cards, tag cards and a calendar are produced for Christmas, and birthday cards, tag cards and notelets in the Spring. These are sent directly to customers by direct mail.

Also at Christmas time, a smaller pack of goods is sent to people who are not already on the customer list to see if they are interested in purchasing them. It is made very clear on the literature accompanying the cards that recipients are under no obligation, either to purchase them, or even to return the cards. At the same time a wide range of other goods are offered for sale, including books, wrapping paper, prints and puzzles.

We are proud to offer you our selection of artwork and gift products for sale in the MFPA online shop.

Jansz Shoppingregentst 3910.382.70
Christmas Shopping in Regent Street, Mouth-painted by Keith Jansz
‘The Mouth & Foot Painting Artists has opened the door to an exciting new career, one that I could never have imagined in the dark days following my injury. My work has been published around the world, I have travelled extensively, met incredible people and, most importantly, I have regained my self-esteem. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to our founder, Erich Stegmann.’
Keith Jansz, mouth painter

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