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Mojgan Safa

Mojgan Photo 2

MFPA Student Artist

Born: 1968
Lives in: London
Painting style: Foot painter
Subjects: Figurative, Abstract, Animals and Wildlife

Mojgan Safa was born at home after her mother was involved in car accident, going into premature labour. Complications during the birth led to a lack of oxygen for the baby and she was born with Cerebral Palsy. Her parents consulted specialists in the U.S. and England but the prognosis was that there was no cure for the brain damage she had sustained. However, it was obvious that Mojgan's physical disabilities were combined with unusual intelligence, plus an artistic ability. Her dexterity with her toes is remarkable - she is able to take the caps off tubes of paint, gently squeeze the tubes and even use scissors and sew.

The family left their native Iran to live in London at the end of the 1980's and Mojgan soon leant to speak English. She was accepted as a Student Artist of the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists a year later, an achievement which gave her a great boost. Initially her family looked after her but these days she devotes much of her time to organising care for now elderly parents.

Despite considerable physical and communication limitations Mojgan is a very driven and determined woman. Fiercely independent she has her own flat in London, and she recently achieved a degree in Fine Art from Roehampton University.

News Stories featuring Mojgan

07 September 2021

Artists Sizzle in a Hot Hyde Park

To mark the annual International Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Day on Sunday 5th September, some of the UK artists decided to stage a small exhibition of their work and to provide mouth and foot painting demonstrations for visitors to Hyde Park, London.

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