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Artists Sizzle in a Hot Hyde Park

To mark the annual International Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Day on Sunday 5th September, some of the UK artists decided to stage a small exhibition of their work and to provide mouth and foot painting demonstrations for visitors to Hyde Park, London.

Six Artists Hyde Park
From left to right: Bazza West, Andy Baker, Vanessa Haarhoff, Tom Yendell, Rob Trent and Mojgan Safa
Bazza West Hyde Park
Bazza West painting in Hyde Park

The event was enjoyed by many members of the public, who had flocked to the park on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the summer. Fortunately, the artists were located in the shadows of some fine Hyde Park trees, which provided welcome respite from the blisteringly hot sun and enabled them to deliver their remarkable painting demonstrations and engage with the public, as planned. Luckily, there were ample supplies of drinking water to hand!

Six artists from around the country participated in the event to ensure a memorable celebration of their special day: Tom Yendell, Andy Baker, Vanessa Haarhoff, Bazza West, Rob Trent and Mojgan Safa.

So well done and a belated Happy MFPA Day for all of our artists across the UK and to the more than 800 artists located around the world.

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