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Inspirational One-Man Show at KidZania London

Artist Gets Kids Drawing Using Their Tootsies

On 19th November Hampshire-based artist, Tom Yendell, led a special, children’s drawing workshop that was staged in the theatre at Kidzania in West London.

Inspirational One Man Show At Kidzania London
Tom Yendell with KidZania London visitors proudly holding the drawings he created for them at his workshop

Born without arms, Tom opened his session demonstrating his artistic skills by creating a quick drawing of Father Christmas for the children, holding the pencil in his mouth.

Tom then invited the children to draw a simple image with their dominant hand before switching the pencil to their weaker hand. He then asked them to try drawing without using their hands, requiring them to hold the pencil with their teeth or between their toes!

With great encouragement from Tom, the class wrestled with these two very different drawing techniques and after much amusement, did their level best to complete the challenging task the artist had set them.

Watching in the audience were parents and relatives of the children who were delighted to see the kids engaging with Tom’s class, learning about how people with disabilities create their artwork and having fun. In all, three sessions were staged throughout the day and a number of influencers were watching on as their children participated in the workshop and learned about how Tom and his fellow MFPA colleagues create the images for their Christmas product range. “These stunning designs are created by inspiring artists and your support can help them with their financial independence” said @jamesalexandernice.

At the end of each session Tom delighted a number of the children by asking them their first name, before skilfully turning their individual name into a creative image (drawn by foot of course) for them to keep and take home with them.

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