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Lost in Parys Comes to Worthing

Sussex based mouth painter Alison Lapper’s exhibition ‘Lost in Parys’ opened at the Worthing Museum on 22nd June 2024. The exhibition came to her home town following its initial exposure at the Bethlem Museum of the Mind in London, earlier in the year.

Alison Lapper MBE
Mouth painting artist, Alison Lapper

In a special collaboration, the exhibition showcases the creative work of three artists, Alison, Marc Quinn and Rankin and is an exploration of Alison’s personal journey of grief since the untimely death of her son Parys. It is a raw and unfiltered look at the heartbreaking and brutal challenges she experienced through her deep sense of loss.

Unsurprisingly, Alison’s work is the focal point of the exhibition and includes a variety of paintings of her beloved son. She said, “ I’m lost in Parys. It’s a loss that has rearranged my world, watching him fade away in front of my eyes because of the effects of drug addiction and mental health”.

Supporting Lapper’s work are new pieces from her friends and contemporaries, sculptor Quinn and photographer Rankin which collectively, provide visitors with an intimate narrative that addresses grief and mental health issues by drawing attention to the dramatic impact of those recent life events on Alison, as both a mother and artist.

The exhibition offers visitors a unique insight into the artist’s innermost feelings in which she was able to use her creativity to express the devastation she endured through the loss of her son.

It is a very moving tribute to Parys and we can only admire Alison’s courage in deciding to share her own sensitive and heartbreaking story to help draw public attention to the tragic consequences of drug addiction and mental health issues.

The ‘Lost in Parys’ exhibition will run at the Worthing Museum until 29th September 2024.

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