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Disabled Artist Donates Painting to Support Paralysed Schoolboy.

When mouth painter Keith Jansz created his ‘Sports Day at Stowe’ painting, his plan was always to donate the work to the Stowe school to help them to raise funds for their chosen, charitable cause.

Sports Day At Stowe

But when the artist read a tragic story that appeared in his local paper just recently, the cause to choose became obvious both to Keith and the school, who immediately set about auctioning his painting. The article concerned 17 years old Noah Cosby, a gifted art scholar at Stowe, who suffered terrible back injuries in a bike accident that left him paralysed from the neck down and had been rehabilitating at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. The story strongly resonated with Keith who had himself been in a very similar situation many years ago when following a car accident, he too had been paralyzed from the neck down and spent many months in rehab at the hospital.

Photo of Keith painting Stowe school

The article also drew attention to a fundraiser #BackingNoah, which his family set up to pay for full-time physiotherapy, not available through the NHS, to try to help him recover the use of his legs.

“I’m delighted that a painting of mine has raised much-needed funds to facilitate Noah on his rehabilitation journey”, said Keith.

To read the full Buckingham Advertiser article click here:

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