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Inspirational Life After Slamming Into A Tree

In an interview with the Sussex Express, which is read by more than 11,000 people, Uckfield based mouth-painting artist Bazza West explained how his life was transformed in 1996, when his car crashed into a tree at age 17 and broke his neck.

Bazza West For Sussex Piece
Bazza West At Work

Paralysed from the shoulders down and in hospital for 11 months, Bazza explained it was a very difficult time and he became quite institutionalised and was quite scared to go out. “It didn’t come easily but you just find the inner strength that you don’t know you have” said Bazza. In rehab he dabbled in art, learning control and new skills. Much later he remarkably even tried out adventure sports like wheelchair skiing, scuba diving and mountaineering in his chair. “That was about finding me, about learning who I am and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. And it just built up to painting” added Bazza.

In time he was invited to be a student artist with the MFPA. “They have been fantastic, they have enabled me and believed in me” said Bazza. Today he is a great advocate of the work he and his fellow artists do and emphasised the importance of the Christmas greetings cards and products they produce to earn their living.

He explained how the MFPA has given him the confidence and encouragement to develop his creative skills, and how their financial support has enabled him and his partner to raise three children, which has led to a pretty hectic life. “It’s great, it keeps us sane, or insane, whichever way you want to look at it” said Bazza.

Dull it isn’t in the West household!

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