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Leanne Reveals How Being An MFPA Artist Helped Her To Achieve Creative Freedom

In an engaging Q & A interview with The Daily Struggle Women’s Lifestyle Magazine, mouth painter Leanne Beetham revealed how from a difficult start in life she went on to achieve great success and fulfilment through her art and how her involvement with The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) enabled her to become the accomplished artist she is today.

Leanne Beetham Image

Hull based Leanne was born in 1987 with the condition Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita which basically meant she has never been able to use her arms or to walk. Instinctively she used her mouth to perform tasks most people would normally undertake by using their hands so when she started to create artworks at just 3 years old, using her mouth became the natural way to do it.

Over time her work developed and she became passionate about wildlife and conservation, which led to an outstanding talent for creating beautiful, lifelike images of animals. She was then introduced to the MFPA and although too young to join the artist group at that time, they saw her potential and offered her financial support to fund art materials and painting tuition. Once old enough, Leanne was then invited to join the organization and has not looked back since.

To find out more about Leanne’s fascinating story, read the full interview here :

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